Stucco Repairs in Sarasota, FL

Since 2006 we have been providing a much needed trade of quality stucco repair in the West Coast of Florida. We are often called upon to repair stucco cracks. Too often we find rusted wire lath, crumbling and buckling stucco, and rotted plywood substrate. The stucco and wire lath on these exterior walls need to be completely removed and re-installed properly according to Florida Building Codes. Simply caulking the cracks or removing some of the stucco and patching over the cracks themselves will not remedy the problem. The cracks would soon reappear as the entire wall panels have been compromised due to improper installation. We consistantly find plywood, wire lath, and stucco installation in the Tampa area that do not meet Florida Building Code. We feel the main reason for this is that the Building Departments d0 not require a comprehensive building lath nailing inspection. As a result new construction was not inspected for proper nailing patterns, two layers of building wrap, vinyl expansion joints, and 7/8” weep screeds etc. Our repairs will comply with the Florida Building Code and ASTM standards.